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Wood Crest Tables
Class Room Table MultiTable Wood Crest Table Class Room Desk
  Up to four types of table you can choose, but many variation you can make with different shapes of table top and different leg sets:

  • Classroom Tables:
  • They are sturdy, heavyweight children's tables.

  • MultiTables:
  • They are lightweight and stackable children's tables, perfect for flexible classrooms. Height adjustment is easy and tool-free.

  • Woodcrest Tables:
  • They are real maple. They have well-rounded edges and a clear wood finish on the solid maple table top.

  • Classroom Desk:
  • It has generous storage capacity, complete with pencil holder.

Various table tops and leg sets available for configuration. Come and configure your table!

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Woodcrest Chair
Me-Do-It Chair ChildShape Chair Wood Crest Chairs
  Considering practical wooden chairs for child care centre or long day care. Many different chairs are available:

  • Woodcrest Chairs:
  • They are one piece of laminated maple - smooth and graceful - with no difficult corners for dirt and food to lodge Six sizes you can choose from. Teacher's Low chair is available.

  • Me-Do-It Chairs:
  • They are for your youngest sitters - encouraging independance and giving toddlers a wooden chair of their very own.

  • Childshape Chairs:
  • They are a product of using the measurements of thousands of children to design wooden chairs that are truly child-shaped.

More types of chair are available in different sizes to suit your children.

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Storage Shelves
Tote Box Shelves Chair Wood Shelves Canopy Unit Fuzzy Back
  All shelves are durable, practical, and beautiful. All of those storage shelves are made of solid hardwood, with heavily rounded corners, mortise and tenon joints, and a smooth clear wood finish. Most of them have fold-away casters that hide under the toe trim, and soft, fuzzy bulletin board backs that give you a display area at a child's level.

  • Open Back Wood Shelves:
  • A storage shelf that is accessible from both sides. Makes a beautiful room divider for a child's bedroom

  • Locking Storage Shelf with Doors:
  • A storage shelf with solid hardwood doors for beauty and security. Fold-away casters, bulletin board backs, pinch-free hinges and a spring-loaded latch.

  • Corner Shelf:
  • Perfect for small spaces and to fill in between other shelves. Its heavily rounded edges and smooth solid hardwood is a delight to touch. A Corner Shelf can be just the right solution for an odd space.

  • Tote Box Storage Shelf:
  • Get organized with this Tote Box Storage Shelf. 8 models of Tote Box Storage Shelf to choose from, all with fold-away casters, adjustable interior    shelves, and bulletin board backs

More types of shelves are also available.

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Unit Blocks & Toy Trucks

Toy Trucks
Mini Unit Blocks Toy Trucks
  • Unit Blocks:
  • The length of each wooden block unit is exactly twice the width, which is exactly twice the thickness. And that's just within each set. When you mix all four sets, you'll find that the Mini Units are half the size of the Units.

  • Toy Trucks:
  • Wooden Toy Trucks have simple, uncluttered designs that encourage children's imagination. These durable, solid hardwood toys are protected with clear, child-safe wood finish. Gently rounded edges and corners make playing with our wooden toy trucks a pleasure.

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Dramatic Play

Drama Center
Kitchen Set - Large
  Considering to turn part of your classroom to dramatic play area? Dramatic Play furniture in a classroom must be sturdy enough for many children to play with every day for years.

  • Drama Center:
  • To create a Dramatic Play corner, start with the Dress-Up Unit. It is a rolling coatrack made of hardwood for hanging costumes. It comes with lots of storage space for those hard-to-store props like hats, beads, shoes, etc.

  • Woodcrest Kitchen:
  • Dramatic Play has traditionally meant a real play Kitchen. The warmth of natural wood, knobs that turn, doors that open, raised burners - all create a child's world of work and play.

  • A Play Kitchen Set:
  • Modular kitchen appliances, drawers and cabinets made of wood. Stackable and flexible for a new dramatic play area in your classroom every day.

More different drama play sets are available to suit your needs.

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KinderVan - a stroller

KinderVan 6 Seaters with Canopies
KinderVan 4 Seaters
  KinderVan stroller comes in two sizes - 4 and 6 seats. The padded upholstered seats fit children from 6 months to 36 months without additional inserts. Sturdy and reliable for outside, yet sized to fit through standard doorways.

  • Features:

  • Release stroller handle and the Kindervan's automatic safety brake engages instantly. Gently pull the ergonomic handle down to move again.

  • Secure the children in the stroller with the five-point safety harnesses - just like a car seat.

  • For your infant group, recline the stroller seats to give them a comfortable and safe ride.

  • All stroller seats rotate 360 degree and lock in any position for easy supervision and maximum visibility.

  • Moisture-resistant CryptonR upholstery is soft to the touch, but durable and strong. Easily clean the foam-backed fabric with a damp rag, or snap the covers off for further cleaning.

  • The Kindervan Stroller has solid, foam-filled tires that will never go flat.

  • Take your group anywhere: grass, gravel or pavement. Large diameter wheels assure a smooth ride.

  • Store tissues and other items in the handy Tote Pan under the daycare stroller.

  • Slide removeable Canopy onto the seat on sunny days. Tilt Canopy forward or back and extend it open or closed, like a fan, for variable shielding. Mesh backing provides sun protection while allowing you to see all the children.

  • Store Kindervan stroller under the waterproof vinyl cover.

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